greycuttingThe Modern Gent – $30.00

A personal consultation, top quality haircut, razor neck shave, shampoo and scalp massage, hot steam towel face treatment, and a professional hair styling with Baxter pomades to make you dapper again.

The Modern Shave – $40.00

Hot steam towels, deep cleansing facial massage, in-house moisturizing lotions and oils, warm lather, and the closest shave you can get. $30.00 when done with a safety razor.

greyshaveThe Modern Beard – $30.00

This is for involved beard grooming including beard shaping and/or edging up the beard with a straight razor to achieve a perfectly groomed beard. For basic beard trims see the “Clean Up”

The Modern Tot – $20.00

This is for the kids who want to look their best. A personal consultation, top quality haircut, and a professional hair styling using Baxter pomades. Kids 10 and under.

greytowelThe Gentlemen’s Facial – $30.00

A relaxing facial service that uses steam towels, massage, and products designed specifically for a man’s face, to bring out your most fetching look.

Clean Up – $8.00

Clean up the Neckline, Mustache, Eyebrows, Sideburns, and/or Beard, and get a warm lather shave on the back of the neck.

 Grey Blending – $25.00

A hair treatment that discretely blends hair color for a younger more natural look.

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